Monitoring The Regulators

Monitoring The Regulators

Monitoring the Regulators

EMAB monitors the regulators and managers and makes recommendations to them.

Regulators have the important responsibility of making sure the Lac de Gras area is not harmed by Diavik's mining activities.

They do this by:

  • Making sure that Diavik fulfils its commitments
  • Reviewing the many reports that Diavik has to provide

Some regulators are responsible for enforcing environmental laws, permits or licences.

Who are the regulators and managers?

Wek'eezhi Land and Water Board 
The WLWB is responsible for the water licence and the technical review of all documents required under the licence. Staff are not technical experts; they coordinate the review of documents.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans
DFO reviews some of the reports submitted under the water licence and all the reports submitted under the fisheries authorizations.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
INAC reviews reports required by the water licence and the land leases.  

Environment and Climate Change Canada
ECCC reviews reports required by the water licence focusing on water and air quality. 

Government of NT - Environment and Climate Change
As of April 2023, GNWT-Environment and Natural Resources and GNWT-Lands combined into GNWT-Environment and Climate Change (GNWT-ECC). GNWT-ECC reviews reports required by the water licence and land lease and is responsible for wildlife and air quality. They review and comment on the Wildlife Effects Monitoring Program reports. They use available information to try to look at regional effects of the mines on wildlife, and propose better ways to monitor these effects. GWNT-ECC has an inspector assigned to Diavik who is responsible for making sure Diavik meets the terms of its water licence and land leases. The inspector attends our meetings to let us know what's happening at the mine site.